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World’s Biggest Airport: Istanbul Airport

Posted on 30 October 2018
Updated On: 30 June 2020

World’s Biggest with 200 Million Capacity: Istanbul’s New Airport Opened Its Doors

Opening on October 29th Republic Day, Istanbul Airport was opened with the participation of many countries’ transport ministers and heads of state.

The first phase of Istanbul New Airport, which will be the world’s largest airport with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers, is now operating. The first phase, established on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters, will serve 90 million passengers annually.

With 6 Independent Runways, the Airport will have a Capacity of 500 Aircraft

Istanbul New Airport which holds the capacity of 500 aircraft will be able to serve 200 million passengers annually one all of the phases are completed. The first phase, to be opened today, will be 90 million passengers per year.

At the airport, which will have 6 independent runways, 250 airlines are expected to fly. The airport, built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters, is the largest terminal building in the world under a single roof with 1.3 million square meters.

The Investment for the Airport Construction until Now Sums up to 6 billion Euros

According to the news of DHA, Istanbul Grand Airport’s (IGA) first phase built with the joint venture of Cengiz, Kolin, Limak, Mapa and Kalyon Construction, is under construction for the last 5 years and has been invested 6 billion Euros. The total tender price is 26.14 billion Euros.

All phases of the airport are expected to be completed by 2023.

The First Flight will be Routed to Ankara on October 31st by Turkish Airlines

The first flight from the airport will be with the Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft to Ankara. The second flight will be with the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft to TRNC Ercan Airport.

The flights of Turkish Airlines which kick off with Ankara, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan will be increased gradually.

The airport will be the largest in the world, where 2 thousand planes can take off per day.

Istanbul New Airport, where 2 thousand planes per day can take off and land, will be the largest airport in the world with its passenger capacity.

The capacity of Atlanta Airport in the United States, which is now the largest airport with 100 million passengers per year, is projected to increase to 125 million by 2025.

Ataturk Airport, to be moved, hosted 63.8 million people in 2017.


Total Passengers for Busiest Airports in 2017 Rankings 

Source: Wikipedia

310 Police and 100 Customs Officers will Serve

Istanbul New Airport’s security measures will be at the highest level. Firstly, there will be 310 police officers and 100 customs officers at the airport besides 3500 private security personnel.

A fixed camera in every 60 meters, a PZT camera in every 360 meters and a thermal camera in every 720 meters will be available.

Ataturk Airport will not Close

Ataturk Airport, which will hold significant ground operations, will continue to serve after the opening of Istanbul New Airport.

Units like maintenance and repair services will remain at Ataturk Airport. The General Aviation Terminal, which serves for private business jets, will remain at Ataturk Airport.

DHMI General Manager Funda Makbule Ocak said in a statement to the Anadolu Agency, “As in all major metropolitan cities, in Istanbul should be an airfield to the new airport. We have very serious infrastructure and superstructure investments at Ataturk Airport. After moving commercial flights to the new airport, we will provide serious opportunities to other points of aviation such as general aviation, private cargos, flight trainings, maintenance and repair hangars at Ataturk Airport. We care a lot. Ataturk Airport will be an important market.”


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