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What to Consider Before Buying a Villa in Istanbul?

Posted on 20 March 2020
Updated On: 29 June 2020

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Are you interested in buying a villa in Istanbul? Don’t you know how to start? Before buying even any simple thing there are some steps; pre-thinking, pre- search, market analyze and final decision. For real estate   investment it might be more complicated and there are many different factors in terms of take final decision. Also, everybody have different preferences and needs at the same subject. The same is true for who is willing to buy a property. So first step is determining your priorities.

Many of the people imagine living in a spacious villa with his/her family. In Turkey 250.000 USD citizenship program makes this dream more attractive but buying a property in different country seems always confusing for foreigners. If you have already started to think buying a house in Istanbul but you need to someone wise who has enough experience and knowledge, we are delighted to offer you this article. Let’s check the following titles together:

1 – What are the Right Locations for Buying a Villa?

Turkey involving many superb cities is a huge country located on both Europe and Asian continents. One of the most compelling city is surely Istanbul by many of foreign investors. Istanbul consists of 40 district as well as many suburbs. So if you go to invest in Istanbul yourself, you may be confused in this big city. Before deciding to focus any district you should determine your needs and purpose of your investment. You might know about historical and touristic places such as Taksim, Fatih and Besiktas but is it possible to find a villa there?

Many of the foreigner have some biases that only historical and famous districts are developed and modern Actually it is one of the most wrong information because Istanbul is a huge city and all districts have own facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, entertainment parks and many other amenities. So to be honest with you, if you are lucky, you might find your dream villa in the heart of Istanbul like in Sisli or Bebek districts but the price of the apartment might be much more expensive that your budget. According our knowledge, you have many villa options in the other districts.

With respect to location, you have limited and expensive options in city center while cheap and wide range options in the other districts such as Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Bahcehsehir and Silivri.

2 – Sea View or Forest View?

Of course the most attractive point of Istanbul is Bosphorus on the Marmara Sea. When someone visit Istanbul, he may imagine having a property which is facing to this amazing sea view. Apart from the sea view some of the people like to wake up while looking the forest. Istanbul is presenting the all these alternatives for you.

After considering the location you should think also whether you like to live in front of the sea or inside of nature of the green. Maybe view is not one of your preferences. If you want your dream villa face to sea you may check this project after this article.

Zeytinburnu, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Bakirkoy have coast on the Marmara sea it means apart from the Bosphorus coastline these are alternative districts for the investors willing to enjoy the sea view from his/her house, while if you have more nature-friendly character and you want to spend your time amongst trees, Kemerburgaz, Sariyer, Silivri, Tarabya suburbs of Istanbul would be more available for your lifestyle.

3 – Do Villas are More Expensive Than Apartments in Istanbul?

When we go to shop we likely make a search on market before finalize our shopping. For house or villa we need to research in more detail because we would spend much more money by comparison daily shopping in the mall. While making a search we shouldn’t start to compare normal apartments and detached houses. Because apartments most probably are relatively cheaper than the house though depending on other conditions (location, quality, year, facilities and etc.).

You should consider that buying a residential unit from a compound or independent building means ony being owner of this space of the apartment plus total ground square meter of the building/number of the apartments however if you purchase a house you will be only owner of the whole land. So investing on a house is much bigger investment than investing on a normal flat.

If the foreign investor understand this big difference, it will be also clear for him that investing on a house is really lucrative in the future.

4 – What are the Extra Expenses for My House?

With respect to other expenses for you property, you need to manage all fees yourself. It means mixed blessing for you. If you bought an apartment in the compound, you would pay your share for the maintenance fee for garden care, cleaning, repairing services, security and the other thing. So it might be cheaper and effortless for you.

When you are only owner of your house, you have to deal with security, cleaning, repairing companies as well as gardener. As I mentioned before this situation has pros and cons because you arrange all this subject depending on your budget and your needs although extra expenses might be more expensive than in comparison with monthly maintenance fee in the complexes. Don’t forget that you will be able to manage your budget for your preferences for example security might be first priority for you so can agree with the most reliable company in the sector. You also have a chance to care your garden yourself so consider your wishes and manage your budget for the expenses of your villa.

5 – Do I Really Need a Garden in Front of My House?

Having a spacious home is difficult to find in the metropolis like Istanbul. And mostly, house buyers want to have big garden in front of their houses so it causes the price more expensive. Actually having a garden or private swimming pool is one of the biggest attractive point for the villas. As I mentioned at the beginning of my article that even if you find a really extensive house in the historical place it might be more expensive than your expectations. Aren’t you sure about having a garden? What are the benefits of my garden?

We started to move away from the nature and have adapted live in the cities especially for last 40 years. We miss to spend time amongst trees, animals and green places by human nature. So having a villa or house means not only be owner of spacious living area but also giving an opportunity to relive that deficient emotions. Actually real benefit of the having a villa is while planting vegetables and fruits by touching the earth and feel the real pleasant of the life. You can also feed some pets or build a small barn for your cows or horses. For all of these exciting dreams you need to go to the suburbs of Istanbul as I mentioned before.

Finalize your decision in the light of these thoughts

We wanted to give you main tips in order to inform you before buying a house in Istanbul. We tried to share with you frequently facing questions but you may have different criterias than we mentioned. You might be only an investor or thinking to settle down in Istanbul so you can consider other factors. All you need consider your preferences and your family needs and don’t pay attentions every rumors that coming to you. If you continue your search step by step or if you make a list like us it would be easier to find a suitable house for you. Whether you may also directly contact with our sales representatives anytime or keep searching yourself through our other beneficial articles. You may also check the available properties from our project list.

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