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Best Real Estate Websites in Turkey

Posted on 14 September 2018
Updated On: 30 June 2020


Real Estate sector in Turkey grows up day by day continuously with the effect of big investments made on construction projects. Both residential and infrastructural projects are seen well-qualified due to the experience of companies throughout the years and the technology they use. It also reflects on the marketing of the those projects over internet via sale and promotion platforms. Instead of searching by walking around what is needed, people currently is engaging with internet sale platforms to find whatever they need. It is way easier to see more options in a short amount of time and to compare those options.


After 2000s, internet’s effect had also reflected on real estate sector that lots of online platforms have been founded to meet the demand of people’s search for real estate. Homeowners or real estate agencies started to publish apartments and lands they have at hand on internet to reach more clients all around the city not only the people near the town the house was located on. One of the first examples of those websites is which was founded at 2000. Since then, it has been helping lots of property owners and the buyers to find each other and come to terms. In the first place, it had provided real estate and vehicle trade services to customers, but in time it expanded the services like re-sale options over cars, houses, technological devices and so on and so forth. It is currently one of the biggest two online real estate trade platforms, which more than 1000 transactions happen each day.

Hurriyet Emlak

The other biggest real estate trade platform is that was founded at 2006 as a rival for Until the time is founded was the monopoly over this sector that helped lots of buyers and sellers to get together. Recently, although there are lots of new competitors against these two big platforms, they are still on the top that makes thousands of transactions every day.

Property Istanbul

Other than these gathering platforms, there are some websites that provide information about the projects have been constructed in Turkey for last the 20 years. Most of them give services for local customers that they usually do not have an English version of websites to help out the foreigners. However, after the law changes that allow the foreigners to make property investment in Turkey since 2012, it has created a sector for entrepreneurs to help them. In this manner, Property Istanbul was founded just after the year 2018 to provide necessary information about real estate sector and the projects in Turkey. All the information is provided by specialists and sales consultants to give the best idea about the options. All the brand new projects and commercial areas are included and mentioned in English. In order to get more information about the website and contents related to business, please follow the link Property Istanbul.

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